Saturday, April 5, 2014

Evolution of the Black Mage

In 1987 Final Fantasy had you starting off with the 4 warriors of light, one of job classes was a black mage. The black mage wore a blue robe with a yellow pointy hat and showing no face, just glowing eyes. The black mage would later in the game become the dark wizard wearing a similar robe but showing his face and no hat.

In 1991s Final Fantasy 3 a new job class called the Magus entered the scene. This Job class is considered a more powered up version of the Black Mage. Final Fantasy 4 is when the black mage got a make over, the class being represented by a boy named Palom. This characters wore a lot of green clothing and showing his face.

In 1992 Final Fantasy 5 went back to a more classic look for the black mage, with the pointy large hats and large robes. Each character the player used where able to play as the black mage but each had the their own individual styles ranging from color of their robe to the symbols on their hats.

Then in 1997 Square came out with Final Fantasy Tactics Where not only the player choose the class of each of his characters but where they moved to during battle, giving it a more of a chess like feel to the game. The black mage class Still using the large pointy hat and robe with the only variety that would happen in the game would be the color of the robes the black mage would wear.

Final Fantasy 9 had a great black mage character named Vivi Ornitier that still had pointy hat and more of a large blue Jacket and similar pants to Palom from Final Fantasy 4. Vivi has a back story that I felt fit the class very well, where he and others like him where machines created for destruction so they were looked at as weapons.

Then in 2001 Final Fantasy 10 the black mage class had a change to the look, instead of a pointy hat and robe with no face showing we got an almost asian gothic fashion model. With the graphics giving the game a great look, Lulu easily caught the eyes of males and inspired many cosplay outfits for woman.

Final Fantasy 11 let 4 different races play as a black mage but the more traditional magic users were the tarutaru. They were a race that resembled children/elves and while in caster form they would wield staffs and dark clothing and pointy hats. The look of the outfits for Black Mages in this game seemed very mild and dull.

2003s Final Fantasy 10-2 gave the players more exclusive time with the female cast and each character was able to switch up there class. After the characters would change class their outfits would change accordingly. With the black mage class the women would acquire a witches hat, a staff, skirt, and leggings.

Final Fantasy's tactics advanced and Final Fantasy 12 didn't change much for the look of the class. Tactics advanced black mage looked similar to the original tactics game.

Then not until 2010s Final Fantasy 14 did the black mage class get a make over and in my opinion the best look for the class thus far. Dressed in all black with a pointy hat, elegantly dark staff and a mask that would cover up the whole face except one eye.

The black mage class went through a lot of changes over the years but would usually stay true to the original look and feel. So because of the look and play style the black mage is one of the most iconic classes of any video game.

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